Title: Do I Wanna Know? Artist: Arctic Monkeys 129,807 plays
"Do I Wanna Know?" (with Alex singing the backup vocals alone)

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To build a better world sometimes means tearing the old one down … and that makes enemies.

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i’m not sure what we as a society did to deserve anthony mackie but i’m really glad we did it

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i imagine both steve and bucky like to come up with different ways to poke fun at sam every time they pass him during jogging

because they are shitheads

(the first one is a print you can get here)

Sam is not to blame if he murders them.

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peter parker’s job is literally selling his selfies to the daily bugle

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April 18, 1971

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remember 2001-2004 though???!? remember windows xp and kerrang and neopets and shrek being a big deal and beyblades and ps2 skating/snowboarding games and “i believe in a thing called love” and flash video sites and avril lavigne and wearing chains on jeans and t.A.T.u. and seeing LOTR and PotC in cinemas and how every boy looked like reese from malcolm in the middle

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"I think this is where I’m supposed to be."

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Make me choose: vivabennett asked- 

Joan Watson or Abbie Mills

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